Membership Updates: Member Questions and Reporting

Monday, April 27, 2020

 Questions from our Members 

We have recently received several inquiries from our members for more information about patient safety organizations, and how to report patient safety events. As a result, we will be offering our first webinar of the year on Wednesday, February 26 titled, “The Benefits of Belonging to a Patient Safety Organization”. Please see the Upcoming Educational Events section on the home page for more information. This webinar will be very helpful to you and your staff – especially those who are new to your safety and quality teams! For additional information about hospital participation in a patient safety organization, please click to review the 2019 Office of Inspector General report titled, Patient Safety Organizations: Hospital Participation, Value, and Challenges

What should be reported to NCPS? 

In order to learn as much as we can about the care environment and how to mitigate safety risks, it is important for healthcare providers to report safety events that reach the patient (with and without causing harm) and those that do not reach the patient. Please log in to our members only portal to access the current NCPS event report form.  Page 2 contains a checklist of Serious Reportable Events from the National Quality Forum, as a guide on what to report.  Regular reporting to NCPS is important, both to share learning about events and to protect your patient safety work product! Have you reported any events this month?

Here are the directions for healthcare providers to submit a report:  

  1. Complete the form electronically – it is a writeable pdf.   
  2. Do not include names or other identifying information about the patient or specific healthcare personnel involved in the event.   
  3. Please de-identify the information you send to us, as much as possible.  (If identifiable information is inadvertently sent, we will de-identify it as we put it into our database.)   
  4. Complete as much of the form as possible, even if you didn’t perform a “formal” RCA.   
  5. It is very helpful to have the information about contributing factors, causes, and actions taken, based on your investigation and follow up of the event.  
  6. Rename and save the completed pdf in a secure location for your own records. 
  7. Send the completed form to us via encrypted email at   

Feel free to attach copies of word documents or pdfs that provide additional information about your investigation or RCA.   

Our office will acknowledge receipt within a week, via email, so you will know we received it.     

If you have any questions, or need help with completing the form, feel free to contact Regina Nailon or Gail Brondum by email or by phone.  We are here to help!  Our contact information is below: 

Please Note: Members of the general public should NOT use this form.  If you are not a healthcare provider and have a concern about patient safety that you would like to discuss, please call Gail Brondum, Executive Director, at 402-559-8421, or email

Do you have a question that you would like answered in an upcoming newsletter?  

Please send your questions Regina Nailon at: and she will be sure to address them in the next newsletter.