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What to Report

Reporting Safety Events

In order to learn as much as we can about the care environment and how to mitigate safety risks, it is important for NCPS member providers with written agreements in place to report safety events that reach the patient (with and without causing harm) and those that do not reach the patient. 

Examples of what types of events to report include:

  • Circumstances or events that have the capacity to cause error.
  • A near event (also known as a good catch or near miss).
  • An event that reached the patient but did not cause harm.
  • An event that reached the patient and caused some level of harm (temporary or permanent).
  • An event that resulted in patient death.

Regular reporting to NCPS is important because it allows us to share learning about events with our members, and it protects members' patient safety work product from legal discovery so that lessons learned for improvement can be shared in a safe and protected environment.

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