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Patient Safety Improvement Tools


NCPS offers the Surveys on Patient Safety Culture™ (SOPS®) to assist healthcare providers in a variety of settings in improving their patient safety culture. SOPS® are a family of patient safety culture assessment tools for hospitals, nursing homes, medical offices, community pharmacies, and ambulatory surgery centers developed by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. Healthcare organizations use SOPS® to evaluate their current culture of patient safety, increase awareness of patient safety concepts, identify strengths and areas for improvement, conduct internal and external benchmarking, and assess change over time.

NCPS has expertise in administering surveys, analyzing and interpreting results, and developing action plans. We use sound survey research methods to maximize response rate while maintaining respondent confidentiality. Supplementary items are available to assess:

NCPS recommends no more than two supplemental modules be administered per survey.

For more information about conducting Surveys on Patient Safety Culture in your organization, contact Emily Barr, NCPS Executive Director via email: or by phone: 402.559.8421.  

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