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Just Culture Training Workshops

A fair, transparent, and consistent system of workplace justice, or just culture, is a foundational component of a robust culture of safety. A just culture shifts the focus from errors and outcomes to system design and behavioral choices. By developing a transparent, fair, and consistent system of workplace justice, organizations can move past a focus on outcomes (severity bias) and blame to learning about the system and human factors that led to the outcome. NCPS offers in-person Just Culture training for healthcare leaders in a variety of formats using the Outcome Engenuity curriculum.

NCPS offers customized Just Culture training for healthcare leaders in a variety of formats, including:

  • Two-hour Introduction/Overview
  • Half-day Workshop
  • Full-day Workshop

For more information about conducting Just Culture training for your organization, contact Emily BarrNCPS Executive Director via email: or by phone: 402.559.8421 or by clicking on the link below.   

Learn More About NCPS Just Culture Training Workshops

Learn About the Importance of Establishing a Just Culture in Your Organization

For more information on Outcome Engenuity and the Just Culture training offered directly through this organization, please visit: 

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