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Reporting Committee Summaries

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Reporting Committee Summaries

The NCPS Reporting Committee is an interprofessional group of clinical subject matter experts (i.e. nurse, pharmacist, allied health professionals, physician and physician assistant). The committee meets on a quarterly basis to review selected reported events which have been de-identified. They discuss identified causal factors, the overall thoroughness of the information reported, and identify risk mitigation strategies to share with all NCPS members.

The Reporting Committee Summaries provide a comprehensive overview of several of the safety events that were discussed, and are developed within the framework of an organizational self-assessment tool which asks, "Could this happen in your organization?" This framework, and the inclusion of links to best practice recommendations and other patient safety-related resources enables our members to proactively identify risk and develop mitigation strategies to prevent the events from occurring in their healthcare setting. 

The list below displays the topics that have been included in reporting committee summaries that are available to our members. 

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