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NCPS offers a variety of training workshops to assist healthcare teams and their organizational leaders with developing and maintaining a care environment that promotes patient safety. These workshops serve to enhance safety culture and systems by providing teams with the skills, knowledge and resources they can apply immediately within their healthcare settings. NCPS members receive a discounted fee for these workshops.
Training opportunities include:

  • Just Culture - A learning culture that takes a systems approach in holding individuals and the organization accountable and responsible for patient safety. In a just culture, individuals are not blamed or treated punitively for mistakes that are made. Rather, the organization views mistakes as learning opportunities to determine how systems can be designed and improved to ensure they are safe and reliable.  
  • Root Cause Analysis - A root cause analysis takes a systems-level view to enable organizations to learn from adverse patient safety events and improve care delivery. The goal of a root cause analysis is to improve systems, not to punish individuals. 
  • TeamSTEPPS® - Team Strategies & Tools to Enhance Performance and Patient Safety (TeamSTEPPS®) is an evidence-based team training curriculum used to optimize team performance, and made available from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. TeamSTEPPS® tools and strategies provide healthcare staff the ability to manage complexity and adapt to changing circumstances. 

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